Rumi Ensemble

In the footprints of Rumi – The Sufi poet

In 2007 the world celebrated the 800th anniversary of the birth of the great Sufi poet Rumi. Hundreds of years after his death, the poetry of Rumi still speaks to the hearts of people like never before and his poems are read all over the world.  Javid Afsari Rad from Esfahan, Iran, has composed music which transfers the thoughts of Rumi to music through an ensemble consisting of the foremost Iranian musicians and a string quintet.

Rhythm is an essential element in the poetry of Rumi, through which he communicates great vitality and energy.  The rhythms reflect the ecstatic philosophy that exists in his poetry. For me as a musician and composer this is an inspiring idea – Javid Afsari Rad.

Javid Afsari Rad plays the santur, an old Persian instrument commonly known as a hammered dulcimer.  With the combination of ney, percussion, oud, vocals, santur and string quintet, the Rumi Ensemble’s  musicians create performances which challenge   parameters, moving at once from calm and peaceful to a burning, circulating ecstasy.

Representing the forefront of the new classical scene in Iranian traditional music, the Rumi Ensemble’s musicians combine significant innovative musical skills with a great sense of classicism and interpretation.  The flute, or “ney”, which Rumi characterized as bearing fire in its voice, introduces the music.  The string quintet maintains the long lines, forming movement and contrast to the oud, percussion, and santur.


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